Sterilization and Infection Control

An important part of our mission to provide the highest level of oral surgical care is the meticulous attention to the details of infection control. It has always been our policy to provide state-of-the-art methods of sterilization and disease prevention. In that regard, our office has served as a model for many healthcare facilities throughout the state. We have listed some of the measures we take for your health and peace of mind with the treatment of each of our valued patients.

We appreciate and understand your concern regarding this aspect of your care. Please feel free to ask our doctors, registered nurses, or assistants about this or any other aspect of your treatment

A detailed medical history is taken prior to diagnosis and treatment to insure proper management of your surgical care.

  1. Cleaning and disinfection of treatment room surfaces after every patient.
  2. Use of disposable protective covers and single-use materials which are discarded after each procedure.
  3. Periodic testing of surgical personnel and methodologies to assure total safety and effectiveness.
  4. Steam sterilization (autoclaving) of instruments and equipment which are not disposable.
  5. Extensive training with regular updates in disease prevention and infection control for our entire surgical team.